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Cryo EM Core

Overview of Services

The W.M. Keck Foundation Advanced Microscopy Laboratory is located at the Mission Bay Campus of the University of California at San Francisco. Housed in Genentech Hall, the goul of this state-of-the-art facility is to develp, in collaboration with the optical group, an integrated approach for imaging, ranging from atomic resolution to whole cells, with emphasis on linking structural and dynamics information with biological functions.


David Agard | Professor

Yifan Cheng | Professor

Adam Frost | Professor

Kliment Verba | QBI Fellow

Location and hours of operation

Location Hours

GH RM S101, S174, N103

9AM-5PM, M-F

Links and Resources

  1. UCSF CRYO EM Core


Name Role Phone Email Location
David Bulkley
Good Cop
GH Rm S101
Glenn Gilbert
Bad Cop
GH Rm S101
Eric Tse