Skeletal Biology and Biomechanics Core

Overview of Services

The primary mission of the Skeletal Biology and Biomechanics Core is to facilitate the understanding of basic skeletal biology, the discovery of disease mechanisms, and the development of novel diagnostics and therapies for musculoskeletal disease by providing resources and expertise in different areas of skeletal biology.
Specific goals include:
Providing a cost-effective skeletal phenotyping services that integrate analyses at the organism, organ, cellular, and molecular levels.
Creating a platform to foster the development of versatile skeletal biologists.
Developing and adopting new techniques to expand the scope of skeletal research.


Wenhan Chang, PhD Director
Aaron Fields Co-Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

UCSF Mission Bay

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Mohamed Habib, PhD
Manager, Biomechanics, µCT

Cristal Yee, PhD
Manager, Biologic services