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Liver Center Cores


The Liver Center operates four research cores that collectively offer a broad array of services to support clinical, translational and basic investigators. The services provided by each core are listed below. If you would like to know more about the Liver Center and its core services, you can follow the links below. If you are ready to request Liver Center services, please select the "Request Services" tab above to be directed to a menu of Liver Center options.  

Liver Center Home page


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jacquelyn Maher
Co-Director, Liver Cell Isolation, Analysis & Immunology

Jody Baron
Co-Director, Liver Cell Isolation, Analysis & Immunology Core

Jennifer Lai
Director, Patient-Facing Core

Aras Mattis
Co-Director, Liver Tissue Analysis Core

JP Grenert
Co-Director, Liver Tissue Analysis Core

Bruce Wang
Director, Liver Gene Analysis Core

Chris Her
Technical Lead, Liver Cell Isolation Services

Kevin Siao
Technical Lead, Liver Tissue Analysis Services

Sarah Stenske
Technical Lead, Flow Cytometry & QPCR


Service list

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Liver Cell Isolation Surgery (14)
Cell Purification Procedures (13)
Cell lines (1)
Cell Culture Materials (7)
Special substrata (3)
Miscellaneous (2)