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UCSF Media Production

Overview of Services

We provide high quality media, buffers and supplements for cell culture. Our products are manufactured to stringent quality standards to ensure consistency and sterility. Certificate of Analysis is available for all of our products on demand. We stock most commonly used media and buffers to support your next day research needs.   We can provide custom media to your specifications with a very quick turnaround time and at at a scale suited for your research needs.

The UCSF Monoclonal Antibody Core is dedicated to providing the most commonly used antibodies to UCSF’s scientific community at reasonable costs.  Starting in January 2021, antibodies core products will be merged and processed in the Media Product Core website.  Antibody core products will be processed within 2 business days for pick up at Medical Science building Room S-854.



 Amy Choi, Core Manager - 

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

M-F  8am-5pm       

Mission Center Building,  1855 Folsom Street, Room 250-254, San Francisco, CA 94103

Links and Resources

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  5. UCSF Monoclonal Antibody Core Website:
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Name Role Phone Email Location
Amy Choi
Core Manager
415 476-8686