UCSF Media Production

Overview of Services

We provide high quality media, buffers and supplements for cell culture. Our products are manufactured to stringent quality standards to ensure consistency and sterility. Certificate of Analysis is available for all of our products on demand. Formulations for commonly used media are available here; Custom media products and buffers can also be prepared to your specifications, Submit a Custom Media Request

The UCSF Monoclonal Antibody Core is dedicated to providing the most commonly used antibodies to UCSF’s scientific community at reasonable costs. Antibody core products will be processed within 2 business days for pick up at Medical Science building Room S-854, visit the core website for additional information.



 Amy Choi, Core Manager - Amy.Choi@ucsf.edu


Location & Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm

Mission Center Building

1855 Folsom Street, Room 250-254

San Francisco, CA 94103

Links and Resources


Media Production Core Website:  https://rrp.ucsf.edu/mediaproduction

UCSF Monoclonal Antibody Core Website: https://antibodies.ucsf.edu/ucsf-monoclonal-antibody-core

Requesting Services (Agilent Knowledge base): A generalized overview of navigating Product Cores in iLab - For help with a specific order issue, please contact us. 


Name Role Phone Email Location
Amy Choi
Core Manager
Mission Center Building Room 250-254
Antibody Inquires
General Inbox

Medical Science building Room S-854