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Histology & Biomarker Core

Overview of Services

The Histology & Biomarker Core provides state-of-the-art tissue biomarker histologic detection and image analyses for both human and mouse tissue biospecimens.


Histology services include tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, H&E staining, select special stains, TMA construction, training, and consultation.


Our laboratory offers a robust menu of immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence (IF) single and multiplex panel stains on the Ventana Discovery Ultra platform.

  • We also offer the optimization of new single stains in DAB or other chromogens and multiplex panels
  • Antibodies generated in rabbit, mouse, and rat hosts can be used.
  • Our stripping protocols allow for panel construction with multiple antibodies generated in the same host species.
  • Multiplex IHC chromogenic panels can be built with up to three markers. The tryramide based translucent dyes used offer a distinct color shift with marker co-localization.
  • IF panels can be constructed with up to 5 markers using Ventana’s staining technology or 6 markers using Akoya’s OPAL dyes.
  • Current list of protocols can be found here: Biomarker Menu


Digital imaging services include microscopic whole slide scanning of both brightfield (BF) and immunofluorescent (FL) slides as well multispectral region of interest (ROI) scanning.

  • Zeiss Axio ScanZ.1 - Whole Slide Scanning Service
    • Automated loading of up to 100 slides
    • Fluar5x and Plan-Apochromat 10x/20x/40x objective scanning for BF and FL 
    • 9 fluorescent channels: Cy7, Cy5, Red 610, Alexa 594/Texas Red/RFP, Cy3, FITC/GFP, DCC/Coumarin, Rhodamine 6G, DAPI
  • Akoya Vectra 3.0 - Rental
    • Automated loading of up to 6 slides
    • 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x objective scanning BF or FL (multi-spectral/color)
    • 5 filter cubes: FITC/AF488, Cy3/TITC/AF555, DAPI, AF594/Texas Red, Cy5/-ET

For more information please see our Imaging/Scanning FAQs



Jennifer Bolen | Core Manager | 415-476-0435 (office) | 415-514-3500 (lab) |

Links and Resources

  1. Cancer Center Core Website
  2. Biospecimen Resource Program (BIOS)
  3. UCSF Core Services and Equipment Search

Location and available hours

Location Open Lab Hours

UCSF Mt. Zion Campus

2340 Sutter Street, Room S-241

San Francisco, CA 94115


  Monday through Friday

  9:00AM to 3:30PM


Name Role Phone Email Location
Histology and Biomarker Core
General Inquires
2340 Sutter Street, Room S-241
Jennifer Bolen
Core Manager
2340 Sutter Street, Room S-241
Mohammad Naser
Image Analysis & Imaging (Akoya Vectra Scanner)
2340 Sutter Street, Room S-241
Kristine Wong
Biomarkers & Imaging
2340 Sutter Street, Room S-241
Rosa Navarro
Cancer Center Cores Administrative Support

Scott Myers
Histology & Tissue Microarray
2340 Sutter Street, Room S-241