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Biobank & Sample Processing Core

Overview of Services

The UCSF Biobank & Sample Processing Core provides a suite of biospecimen services to support clinical, translational, and basic life sciences research: 
Biospecimen Acquisiton
Our team is specially trained in obtaining tissue and fluids in coordination with clinical procedures.  We work with the clinical teams to develop procedures that permit research specimen collection while not impacting clinical sample evaluation. 
  • Biopsy Collection - To ensure study requirements are communicated and high qualtity tissue is procured, a Biobank Acquistion Technician attends biopsy procedures to preserve samples on-site, during biopsy procedure.  
  • Surgical Collection - Our team of Acquistion Specialists are trained to perform complex tissue dissection in accordance to surgical pathology guidelines. Specimens are retreived from surgical suites, rapidly dissected and fresh, frozen and fixed tissue procured.  
  • Inpatient Collection - Support of inpatient studies and trials.  Blood and fluid collection kits are delivered to inpatient units, coordinated with nursing staff and picked up on-demand by acquisition team for processing.  

Biospecimen Processing
Samples can be processed via one of our validated standard operating procedures.  We can also process according your specialized methods or sponsor requirements. 
  • Separation of blood components
  • PBMC isolation and preservation
  • DNA Extraction from blood, tissue and saliva
  • RNA extraction from PAXGene tubes
  • Tissue dissection and preservation
  • Frozen tissue sectioning and slide preparation
  • Tissue processing to FFPE blocks
  • Viable cell/tissue preservation

Biospecimen Custodianship
The UCSF Biobank provides secure, round-the-clock monitored biospecimen storage and inventory mangement via a regulatory-complient online database. 
  • Storage of blood, body fluids and tissue
  • Ambient, 4°C, -20°C -80°C, and liquid nitrogen sample storage
  • Controlled access, freezer larms, back-up power and redundant temperature monitoring. 
  • Samples acquired and/or processed by the Biobank are 2D barcode labeled. 
  • Currently utilizing REDCap, a web-based regulatory compliant database to track samples through collection, processing, storage and distribution. 



Thomas Cunningham  - Core Manager


Location and hours of operation

Hours Locations

Standard: 8:00am - 5:00 pm 

Extended: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm       

On-Call: Weekends / Holidays

Mission Bay: 1825 4th St., M2391

Parnassus: 513 Parnassus Ave, S577

Mt. Zion:  2340 Sutter St., S241

Links and Resources

  1. Team website: Biospecimen Resources Program
  2. Team email:
  3. Team messaging:


Name Role Phone Email Location
Thomas Cunningham
Core Manager
Parnassus / Mt. Zion / Mission Bay

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