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Cell and Genome Engineering Core

Overview of Services

The Cell and Genome Engineering Core provides high-quality cell line and mouse models for researchers. Our repository contains hundreds of cell lines, many from ATCC. We also distribute cell lines generated or modified by UCSF researchers. Novel mouse models are generated through CRISPR targeting or embryonic stem cell manipulation.


Jenn Page Director 415-502-3387

Core Contact


Name    Role Email


Jenn Page    Director Parnassus
Nancy Daniallinia    Team Lead Parnassus
Sai (Thomas) Chin    SRA Mission Bay
John Thomas    SRA Parnassus
Jenna Sloan    SRA Mission Bay/Parnassus


Location and hours of operation

Hours/Days Open    Street   City, State, Zip
9am-5pm M-F 513 Parnassus Ave Med Sci S-1000 San Francisco, CA 94143
9am-5pm M-F 600 16th St Genentech Hall S212 San Francisco, CA 94158

Links and Resources

  1. Cell and Genome Engineering Core
  2. Research Resource Program



Name Role Phone Email Location
Cell and Genome Engineering Core
Core Contact Email


Service list

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Cell Banking (12)
Cell Banking: Vial Storage (2)
Cell Culture (13)
Cell Lines (529)
EBV from B95-8 Cells (2)
Expert Consultations (4)
Monoclonal Antibody (2)
Quality Control (6)
Shipping and MTA (4)
Tissue Sample Processing/Biopsy (2)
ES Cell Services (7)
ESC (2)
Edited Cell Lines (16)
General (4)
Genome Editing (3)