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RRP Software Services

Overview of Services

The Research Resource Program Software Services Core adminsters the institutional license for the FlowJo platform


Sign up or Sign into iLab and go to the RRP Software Service Core, Visit the Request Services tab to submit your request for either an Individual License or for Lab Shared Workstation access setup. 


Instructions for New FlowJo users once they have accepted the license invitation:

1. Once you install the latest version of FlowJo, agree to the license terms, select Use your FlowJo Portal account, then click Done.

2. Enter your FlowJo Portal ID and Password and you are ready to start using FlowJo!

Users with the latest version of FlowJo already installed can sign in with FlowJo Portal via Preferences:

1. With FlowJo open on the desktop, click the Preferences button on the upper right.
2. Click the License button in the upper right of the Preferences window.
3. Click the FlowJo Portal Sign In button in the upper right of License Preferences.
4. Enter your FlowJo Portal ID and Password and you are ready to start using FlowJo!
You must have FlowJo v10.5 or higher to sign in with FlowJo Portal. We recomend downloading the
latest version available at or via the link on your FlowJo Portal account.


Links and Resources


Name Role Phone Email Location
Kasha Hudack
Support Analyst
Rochelle Kelley
Core Manager

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