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Core Immunology Lab

Overview of Services

For over 21 years, the UCSF/CFAR Core Immunology Lab (CIL) has been dedicated to providing immunology assays, expert consultation, and education to the UCSF and global research community. CIL specializes in developing immunology research tools, and initiating and stimulating innovative research projects to address emerging questions in immunologic diseases including HIV pathogenesis.


Nitasha Kumar | Interim Director | 628-206-5232 |  

Location and hours of operation

Hours   Location

9:30 am -5:30 pm 

  ZSFG, 1001 Potrero Avenue

  Building 100, Room 310,

  San Francisco, CA 94110

Links and Resources

  1. Core Immunology Lab


Name Role Phone Email Location
Nitasha Kumar
Interim Director